Compendium is a tool for mind maps

Compendium is another interesting tool for making mind maps and managing knowledge. It is published under the free LGPL license which gives the user considerable freedoms in regard of the source code. 

Compendium can be used to visually represent ideas and arguments. The creation of “issue maps” represent the existing relations between issues and questions. In this way, it facilitates the understanding of inter-connected topics. Compendium can well be used by a group of people who collaborate together in order to solve a problem.

Both the latest release and a alpha stage release of the Compendium software can be downloaded from the web site. The software can be run in Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

Free Mind Map Software

FreeMind is a great application for drawing mind maps. It is written in Java and thus it can be used on practically every operating system, including Windows and Linux.

FreeMind can be used for mind maps, outlining and a lot more. It can even export the mind maps in html that is used for web pages.

There is also a nice introduction to FreeMind in YouTube:

Opera Web Browser

Opera is another great free web browser. Like Firefox, it is available for all the most important operating systems. The latest version is 9.5.  In addition, there is Opera Mini for smartphones and PDA's. Unfortunately, I have none of those new gadgets and have not been able to test Opera web browser with these geek toys.

Like Firefox, Opera regards your online security important. It is safer than IE, so you should seriously consider using it, not IE.

Opera helps new users by producing even video tutorials of its software. Check them out!  You can download Opera from here.


Are you still using Internet Explorer only because your computer came with IE preinstalled? You should change to a more secure alternative, Firefox. It is available for the most important operating systems, to all versions of Windows commonly in use (XP and Vista) and all versions of Linux. Do yourself a favour, and install Firefox 3 today. Do it now!

Here are some of the highlights of lates Firefox:

- It remembers site passwords without ever seeing a pop-up.
- It supports one-click social bookmarking sites
- It's performance is improved, it views web pages faster than ever before
- It's got a smart location bar with search feature
- Zoom: See any part of a Web page, up close and readable, in seconds.
- It's integrated to your operating system's look and theme

You can download Firefox from here.

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